The Writing Mentor™ application, a Google Docs Add-on, is an Easy-to-Use Revision Tool for Academic Writing

The Writing Mentor application provides feedback about your writing to help you to make it convincing, well-developed, coherent, and well-edited!

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How it works

Let Sam help you revise your school and college assignments so that they are in good shape for your reader!

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What is the Writing Mentor™ application?

The app is a Google Docs Add-on that provides writing feedback. Yay! It is intended to help college students and adult learners improve their writing skill. The app uses natural language processing (NLP) to automatically provide feedback about the writing quality of a document.

Writing Mentor will run on a laptop or desktop computer. Google Docs Add-ons are not supported on smartphones and tablets. Depending on your computer display resolution, you may need to use the scrolling function on the Writing Mentor screen to see the full screen. For the best experience and ease of use, we recommend 1920x1080 display resolution or higher. We're constantly working on providing the best experience for users with lower resolutions!


Is my data secure with Writing Mentor? What kinds of permissions does it need to run?

Writing Mentor does not collect any personally identifiable information on its users. Writing Mentor does log how its users interact with it; however, it does so in an anonymized fashion. Specifically, we know that some user (identified only by a randomly generated ID) wrote a given essay and clicked on a given set of buttons. We do not know the user’s name, email address, or location.

To run successfully, Writing Mentor requires access to your Google Drive because that’s where Google Docs stores its documents. The backend that powers Writing Mentor runs on a powerful server hosted in the cloud, but all data sent between the app on your computer and the backend is fully encrypted.


Is this the final release of Writing Mentor?

No way! The app is currently in beta. This means that it is not the final release of the software. The app is still being tested and is under extensive development. While the app is in beta, there is no charge to use it. We appreciate any feedback you can provide to help us to improve!


For what kinds of writing does Writing Mentor perform best?

Good question! The app will process any type of text written in English. While Writing Mentor accepts any English text, it will provide the most accurate feedback on academic and college writing. Note that texts that are written in any language other than English will receive unreliable feedback.


Is there a length limit on the text that I can submit?

Yup! The app will provide feedback on texts up to 5000 words.


How long will it take for Writing Mentor to give me feedback about my document?

Not too long! Documents under 2500 words usually take about 10-15 seconds to process. For longer texts, consider taking a short break, and returning after a few minutes to review the feedback. The app is doing a lot of processing so that it can provide a lot of feedback on your document. This takes Writing Mentor some time; please be patient.


Will Writing Mentor process texts that contain non-text objects, such as tables, charts, graphs, and images?

Sorry, not in this version. The app cannot deal with non-text elements. All non-text elements must be removed from the document before using the app. We hope to support these elements in a future release. Note that the line above footnotes may be interpreted as an image.


Is it ok to copy and paste the content of a Microsoft Word document into Google Docs, and then use Writing Mentor?

Sure! But, if you do this, it’s important to import the MS Word document into Google Docs using the instructions below. If you do not follow these instructions, you may get inaccurate feedback.

Save your MS Word document on your Google Drive.
Once your document is saved on your Google Drive, click on that document.
Use the “Open With” option to open your document in Google Docs.
Continue writing in Google Docs

Please also note that, in some rare cases, Writing Mentor either may not work or its highlighting may be less accurate. For instance, if there are Endnotes in the original Microsoft Word document, some sources may be incorrectly highlighted in your document. In addition, if there are footnotes in the original Word document, pasting them in may result in Google Docs representing the line above the footnotes as an image.


Why do my footnotes not appear in Writing Mentor?

Don't worry! If you have used Google Docs "Insert" toolbar function to insert a footnote, the footnote will remain in your document. But, you will not see the footnote while working in Writing Mentor.


Will Writing Mentor feedback change when I revise a text and click "Apply Changes"?

Most likely! If you revise any text in your document, the app will likely provide different feedback that reflects the new text you added. For example, you may need to remove topics that you added manually or topics from a previous version of the document if those no longer apply.


Can I use Writing Mentor with any device?

No, sorry. Google Docs Add-ons are not supported on smartphones and tablets. Writing Mentor will run on a laptop or desktop computer. Depending on your computer display resolution, you may need to use the scrolling function on the Writing Mentor screen to see the full screen. We are working to improve this!


Writing Mentor is loading, but not producing any feedback. What's going on?

Here's what might be happening. If you are logged into multiple google accounts, Google add-ons may behave inconsistently. Please make sure you are logged out of all Google accounts except the one you are using for your document.